Pure Meditation Album


Guided Meditations for Health, Happiness & Harmony…


Chakra Harmony – this soothing meditation commences with body awareness and gentle, progressive muscle relaxation.  As the muscles relax, the cells relax which allows your body’s own natural healing ability, to be activated.  This is followed by a chakra system balance and harmonisation, for whole balance & healing, and preparation for time & space to simply ‘be’. (29:35)
The Rose – a beautiful visualisation meditation in which you are guided through a peaceful garden, to ultimately explore a single rose.  This rose holds the key to connecting with and expressing your higher and true self, and listening to the voice of your spirit. (21:18)
Sweet Dreams – this peaceful meditation commences with gentle, progressive muscle relaxation and intentional guidance for acknowledging and releasing thoughts, emotions and actions of the day, expressing gratitude and connecting with your spirit.  This prepares you for a deep, healing and restful sleep. (19:20)


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