Releasing some deep seated beliefs that were holding me back felt incredible. The healing techniques Clare uses are powerful and I am grateful to have had the guidance from such a genuine and caring professional. Thank you Clare for bringing out my magnificent light, so I too can shine bright and be my true authentic self!





Kristy PicI’m a practical girl who didn’t know anything about energies and chakras before meeting Clare.  I thought that stuff was all a bit woo woo, but with her kind, open and thoughtful manner, Clare showed me how the third element in my mind-body-spirit combo affects all the others.

She helped me see that the key to shifting some of my longest held and deepest emotional issues lies in addressing all three areas.  I had a handle on the body and the mind, but Clare completed the circle by showing me where my spirit fits in, and how essential it is to healing and moving forward.

KRISTY O’KANE | Nutritionist



Meeting Clare Evans changed my life!

This woman’s bright, nurturing energy floored me and I realised I was missing the spark from my own life. In fact my world was pretty dark and lonely before I met her. She has such a generous soul which allows her to create an authentic and compassionate space, where sharing your doubts, your fears, dreams and aspirations feels beautifully natural. I feel lighter, brighter and more myself, ready to take on the world!

This inspiring woman showed me that it is entirely possible to live the life I have always dreamed of and that it is not only ok, but my right, to do so! I could write pages on the gratitude I feel for Clare but I will simply share this..

If you feel you could do with some light, some love, and true healing and growth in your life, then you are exactly where you need to be! Clare is an angel on earth who helped set me free!

MEGAN GOGOLL | Writer, Coach, Poet



Whether you are in search of a healer, seek counsel or feel coaching is what you need, the universe has guided you to this space, so take note. I was fortunate to be referred to Clare by a dear friend twelve months ago and since then I have been reaping the rewards, personally and professionally.

The most useful comment I can make is that through Clare’s intuitive and love-based understandings and knowledge, it will be what you most need to live an authentic life. Clare has helped me to identify past learned behaviours that do not support me, has connected me with spirit, and guided me to open my heart and balance my chakra system. I am truly fortunate.




Gina PicClare is a beautiful, compassionate soul with a gentle and caring nature.  She shines her beautiful light on everyone she knows.  She is a wonderful influence and great role model; and I’m very lucky to have her as a friend!

GINA CROKER | Photographer