The Juicy Stuff…

So, you want some juicy stuff?!

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You want me to let the butterflies out of the jar, so to speak…
Well, considering so much of my public profile is, well, professional… and of course I take my work (earthly mission) very seriously… I thought I’d lighten up a little, and reveal a little more personal content here.
Plus, if you found this page you obviously want to know even more about me…


You might think ‘meh’, might be surprised, or you might even be delighted!

Hmm, where to begin…


What I Love, What Personally Lights & Fills Me Up

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Energy & spirit, Angels…

Journalling, meditation, chanelling messages from spirit!

Daily devotional practice and

convention with my spirtual team

brings me home, and

fills me up.

It’s my life force.



Yoga, health & wellbeing, healing, nutrition

I’m in this particular body,

on this earth,

at this time, so…

I choose to love,

respect, and

nurture it

for the temple it is!


(You want a little more?…


I’m 39 years old,

petite at 5 foot TALL, and

my name means bright & clear!)



Painting & creativity

I get totally absorbed in this,

I could do it for hours and hours, days even!

Time is precious right now,

and my schedule rather tight,

however I know I’ll be doing much more of this

in years to come.


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Image source unknown

Butterflies, flowers, beauty

Seriously, no words needed.



Oh, Mama Earth,

how I love thee.

(Take me to the forrest;

hiking, bushwalking, waterfalls; yes, yes, yes!)



Quality time with family & friends.

My treasured support network;

who I give thanks for every day.


I’m Currently Studying!

  There’s always so much to learn.

For now I’m pretty happy to be a

Dru Yoga Teacher in training!


Will I teach???

For now I’m enjoying the immersive journey

into my own practice.

(That being said, I generally share what I’ve learnt…)



I Love a Good Spiritual Book

Most recent read: Light is the New Black, by Rebecca Campbell.

Current read: Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth.

LOVED Power of Now. Changed my life!

(Oh, and I love to read whilst enjoying a nice, long, warm bath).



Who I Mostly Share My Life With

My gorgeous husband (teenage sweetheart) Pete,

beautiful teen daughters, Paige and Amber, and

our sweet little dog, Ralph.


They make up my beautiful, beloved, precious little family!



What Music is on My iPhone?

A mixture of rock, pop, and relaxing meditation and yoga music, of course!

I grew up with and love Fleetwood Mac, Smokie, The Eagles, and Johnny Cash.

Oh, and I’m currently loving Taylor Swift.

(Country is in my blood!)



Introvert or Extrovert?


Believe it or not, both!

I absolutely love to be out in the world,

sharing my experiences and messages, but

this empath also needs and loves times of respite,

to rest, restore, and recharge!






Ouch, but true.

(Pete’s a scorpio too – we’re a powerful duo!)



I No Longer Drink Alcohol

Sexy Sobriety

Yep, sober since the end of 2012.

(I get love drunk during meditation instead!)

Seriously, I love nurturing my body, and

waking up vital and energised

every. single. morning of my precious life!




I’m an Early Riser

I’ve learnt that if I’m flooded with energy and inspiration,

no matter what time,

spirit wants to work through me.

I committed to the light over 13 years ago, therefore

I get up and write it all down!

(yes, 3 or 4am – often, even in winter!)


Plus, there’s nothing quite like the stillness of early mornings;

and watching the light brighten, as the sun rises.


Morning is my preferred time for meditation too.

(Did I mention I love meditation?!)


So… I’m thinking you won’t be surprised I’m usually asleep by 9.30pm,

even on Friday and Saturday nights!


But this really isn’t about me, because

the real reason I’m here


Is For You!


Over 14 years ago I physically vowed

to be of service to the divine,

for the highest good of all.


Little did I know that I’d be bought to my knees,

(hey, I just wanted to be psychic!)

and hit rock bottom,

facing my mortality (numerous times) before I’d:


Discover my true self,

cleanse, heal, grow…

and heal, and grow…

and heal and grow even more, to

eventually find some balance, and become

the empowered woman I am today.


I am a spiritual teacher,

holistic healer,

inspirational mentor,

and loving intuitive guide.


I’m here for you,

on this earth,

at this time;


may you remember who you are,

and consciously clear away limitations,

to be the best version of yourself and

shine even brighter!


Collectively we light up the world.



PS  You Asked For It!

(You’re welcome)


I reveal more personal details as well as

what I’ve learnt from the University of Life in

my book, Pure Balance!


Please sign up for my email love,

check out my offerings, and

I’d love for you to connect with me socially online too;

you’ll find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!


I look forward to seeing you there!

Always with masses of love and light,