Transformational Coaching

Heart-centred and holistic, Clare’s one-to-one transformational coaching service

focuses on gently empowering you to empower yourself!


Clare Evans Transformational Coaching

A professional holistic counsellor, Clare will empathetically assist you to identify and clear any underlying blocks and self-limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward.


Do you feel stuck, powerless, or lost? Are you not quite sure where you want to go, or what you really want to do with your life? Or perhaps you have big dreams, and inside would love to take a leap of faith, but need more confidence to get out there in the everyday world?


Clare will be your personal confidant, inspirational mentor, and biggest cheerleader!


Through lived and learnt experience, Clare has personally transitioned through emotional pain and mental blocks brought on by self-created limiting beliefs. Despite having been in a state of total dis-empowerment, she knows it is absolutely possible, even as a sensitive soul, to rise up again. Not only that, but to move forward with strength, confidence and clarity, towards your wildest dreams and wishes; and beyond…


It’s time to step into who you truly are, engage your infinite potential, and set clear intentions;

for the freedom to live the happy, abundant, and fulfilled life you desire, and deserve!


Imagine waking every morning energised, motivated, and inspired… you love, accept, value, and nurture your whole self, unconditionally… you gratefully engage in your passions and feel your heart full to overflowing… you have enough to do all that you need and want, and even more; to give to others too…

… you see, feel, and know where you’re headed… yet are completely aware of being ever present, feet on the ground, embracing and living every precious moment and each individual step of your personal journey…


Private and confidential sessions are created to guide and assist you in consciously releasing what no longer serves you. You’ll travel lighter and make space to embrace new tools, skills, knowledge and ways of being, that will be supportive to you along your journey.

You have the option of working with Clare either in person at her beautiful private clinic located at Orana Yoga & Wellbeing Centre in Wodonga,  or online via Skype; in the comfort of your own home!


Professional Bio
Clare Evans
Clare Evans is a holistic counsellor, intuitive living mentor, and author of Pure Balance. She is also artist of the album Pure Meditation.
Clare’s qualifications include Diplomas in Reflexology and Holistic Counselling, and a certificate in Nutritional Education Training. She is a Professional Member of the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association.
Through personal experience, study, and more than seven years of experience working with clients, Clare continues to inspire, guide, and support gorgeous souls along the journey of self-discovery, healing, growth, and empowerment, for optimal health and wellbeing.  She successfully and passionately does this through personalised private one-to-one client sessions, group facilitations, and writing for and speaking with the wider community.



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